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Make yourself heard in your community with a programme on Access Radio!

No experience necessary - all you need is an idea and enthusiasm.
Write to us, call us or pop in for a chat any time, and discuss the possibilities!


We have lots of resources at your disposal, ensuring your voice is represented as best as it can be.
Trained and Experienced Staff

MPR has three staff members who can assist you in getting your message out there.

  • The Station Manager ensures that the station continues to offer relevant and effective services to the community and works to promote the station in new and exciting ways. Often, programme makers identify ways to link in with wider station initiatives, resulting in big benefits to both parties.
  • MPR's Content Team is the direct support to programme makers and is the director of station sound. The Content Coordinator will train you, support you, schedule your show, offer constructive advice, and help with music, promos and other on air material you require. The team is also available to help spread your message via Social Media, and can assist you with setting up your digital presence online as well as social networking.

Two fully equipped studios

Both of our studios offer up to date equipment in a sleek environment where the emphasis is on ease of use.

Pictured Above: Our two in-house studios at MPR

Both Studios:

  • Are fully equipped for pre-recording, as well as live broadcast
  • Have dual CD decks, and access to our mobile turntable units
  • Are capable of recording phone and streaming audio (via Skype/Zoom/Facebook Messenger etc.)
  • Have Aux cables to play audio via external devices
  • Can be paired for a maximum of 8 person discussions across the 2 studios!

Comprehensive Training and Support

Every new programme maker is taken through a brief but full induction where show planning, studio use and legal issues are addressed.
The first few shows are closely monitored by a station staff member, and further training and advice given where required.
We also offer regular training sessions open to all programme makers, focusing on commonly requested features or practices.
If you have an idea for a training session, please let us know.

Portable and Versatile Equipment

As well as the equipment associated with the outside project we also have 2 portable recorders for off site interviews, and the ability to record larger events if required.

Online services:

As well as broadcasting on 999AM, MPR offers Live Streaming of the feed to anyone with a computer or smart device!

Podcasts and OnDemand Listening:
Our programmes are made available OnDemand as podcasts here on our website. You may have noticed our homepage features the most recent uploads, with shows made available within the first 30mins of broadcast! You'll also get your own unique show page, which can be customised - with the aid of our Content Assistant - where you can find up to 6 months worth of content!

You may also find us on:
Apple Podcasts and Spotify - Search for MPR - Manawatu People's Radio

PLUS, thanks to the Community Access Media Alliance's combined platform - - Your show will join a national platform of OnDemand programmes that are created at Access Media stations across NZ. This platform is supported by New Zealand on Air, and is available as an App on GooglePlay and iOS stores!

Many podcast platforms will often pick up our feeds and share them within their networks - whilst not officially endorsed by MPR or CAMA, it is an opportunity for your content to be shared with the world, so not all bad!

Social Media
MPR also has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram where show information is regularly posted.

Get in touch 06 357 9340

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